yet another post on public speaking.

Great presentation tips! I always need these and helpful reminders like these with examples are so handy.


Virtually any conversation about speaking in public will include a nod to the axiom that people fear it more than death (case in point). While recent research has shown this claim to be only partially accurate, for most the abject unpleasantness of participating in live communication forums is a foregone conclusion.

soapboxI am in the position of talking at people in formal settings far more frequently than I ever expected, as a teacher, facilitator, panelist, and/or speaker. One thing I have come to know is that just as one can cultivate a healthier relationship to the certainty that life ends, so can one develop an easier co-existence with the complex (and not altogether unpleasant) sensations of being in front of an audience of one or one thousand.

I won’t downplay the anxiety that attends public address, nor its incredible array of physical and psychological symptoms: hyperventilation, nausea, panic, compulsive movements, speech…

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